The objective of the course was to solidify my English. I can say without a doubt that it certainly has improved. But in addition, I had found a perfect place for cultural exchange.

— Natalia Vardugina, Russia, took Integrated Skills Level B

Courses and Levels

In the fall and spring, you can take English for Academic Purposes and English for Professional Purposes, available at the intermediate, high intermediate, or advanced levels.

In the January session, you can take classes in pronunciation and TOEFL preparation (5 levels available). See January courses.

To register:

1. Take the placement test

Before you register, you have to take the Harvard English language placement test to determine your level. See Registration and Payment for more information.

2. Choose a course at your level

Use the course search to find courses.

Proficiency levels

Beginning: Level A (January session only)

Level A courses are for students with limited experience in using English who need extensive practice and instruction in all aspects of the language.

Intermediate: Level B

Level B courses are for students with a basic knowledge of English who need to practice oral and written structures and expand their vocabulary to develop broad general competence in the language.

High intermediate: Level C

Level C courses are for students who wish to increase the accuracy, range, and complexity of their oral and written communication by using the language in many contexts and eliminating areas of weakness.

Advanced: Level D

Level D courses are for students who already demonstrate knowledge of the language and who wish to expand their proficiency for competent, extended performance in a variety of academic and professional circles.

High advanced: Level E (January session only)

Level E courses are for students with very high levels of proficiency who are engaged in professional study or work that regularly challenges them to appreciate the nuances of English on the global scene and use the language with ease.

Course requirements

You must attend all classes and do a significant amount of homework before and after each class meeting.

At the end of the term, you will be assigned one of the following notations:

  • AR and MR are assigned to students who meet all or most of the requirements.
  • NM is assigned to students who do not meet the requirements.

You may view your course notation online once grades are posted. You may also request copies of your Division of Continuing Education transcript, which includes all of your IEL courses and notations. The notations you receive become part of your permanent record in the Division of Continuing Education.